Greyhound Racing Systems

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DOG - PRO PLUS Professional Greyhound Racing System

Unlike Other Greyhound Racing Systems Sold We Dont Just Talk Winning Bets. We Show Genuine Winning Bets Layed With An Online Bookmaker Using DOG - PRO PLUS. See Photos

Winners = 37: Losers = 5

Total Bets 42: Total Stakes £42: Total Returns £173.75

Winning Strike Rate 88%

DOG - PRO PLUS is a Professional Greyhound Racing System covering UK & Irish Dog Tracks

You Can use any newspaper with a racing section however we recommend either The Racing Post or The Sporting Life for accurate past form.

With DOG - PRO PLUS you can create and run your own system to assess a race using the program's 19 FACTORS Listed Below, with each FACTOR being an individual system in its own right. The Combining of these 19 FACTORS produces a powerful and profitable system with over 600,000 winning combinations.


Past Grade: Career Wins: Prize Money: Past Track: Past Weight: Type Of Race: Age Of Dog: Days Last Run: Dog Travelled: Beaten Favourite: Dog’s Placing: Time To Distance: Position In Betting: Past Race Distance: Win/Losing Distance: Dog’s Last Trap Number: Owner Track Wins: Trainer Track Wins: Track/Distance Winner

DOG - PRO PLUS also incorporates an Intelligent Engine Which interacts with the Factors and all data entered delivering a very accurate process and reliable Ratings.

The strike rate will vary depending on the system you design. The average strike rate is 80% but can be higher.

All data input is manual. The time taken to assess a race would depend on the number of Factors used.

DOG - PRO PLUS Also Has A Quick Assessment System If You Are Limited For Input Time

This program is supplied on a CD ROM Only

Please Note there is no download or email option.

The program will RUN on all Microsoft Window Platforms.