QUICK-DOG 7 A Fast Input Greyhound Racing System

QUICK-DOG 7 A Fast Input Greyhound Racing System

Unlike Other Greyhound Racing Systems Sold We Dont Just Talk Winning Bets. We Show Genuine Winning Bets Layed With An Online Bookmaker Using QUICK-DOG 7. See Photos.

Winners = 48: Losers = 3

Total Bets 51: Total Stakes £9.90: Total Returns £47.56

Winning Strike Rate 94%

QUICK-DOG 7 is a Fast and Accurate Greyhound Racing System which uses 7 Blended Elements to assess a dog.

To Assess A Dog Simply Answer The 7 Questions With a YES or NO based On Dog's Last And Current Run. Submit Data. Rating Will Then Be Displayed. Highest Rating Denotes The Best Dog.

The program will then deliver a rating using its built in Algorithms giving a rating in seconds.

You Can use any newspaper with a racing section.

This program is supplied on a CD ROM Only.

Please Note there is no download or email option.

The program will RUN on all Microsoft Window Platforms.